What is the Whole Experience of Going Through Chemotherapy?
What is the Whole Experience of Going Through Chemotherapy?

Cancer is a disease that is spreading widely in the world killing millions of people yearly. The cause of cancer is still unknown which is the reason it is usually detected in the later stages which makes it extremely difficult to treat. There are various types of Cancer found in the human body and if detected in the early stages, it is very much curable which is why it is always advised by doctors to go for a full body checkup after a certain age.

Amongst various types of cancer treatment in Kenya, chemotherapy is considered to be the most effective for most of the cancer types. Chemotherapy is a process where a chemical is injected into the body that destroys the rapidly growing growing cancer cells in the body. Chemotherapy is done by the Oncologist either in hospitals or in a chemotherapy day care centre whichever suits the patient.

Effectiveness of Chemotherapy

As discussed above, chemotherapy is given to a patient suffering from cancer to stop or slow down the growth of cancer cells in the body. Chemotherapy not only lowers down the total number of cancer cells in the body but also reduces the chances of cancer spreading to different parts of the body which proves to be vital in saving a patient’s life. Apart from this, chemotherapy reduces the current symptoms and also helps in reducing the tumor size. After surgeries in breast cancer or lumpectomy doctors suggest going for chemotherapy so that the remaining cancer cells are killed as well. Chemotherapy is also suggested in the later stage of cancer to relive the patient from pain. Since the cost of chemotherapy in kenya is very much affordable, every cancer patient must take it gain health benefits

The Overall Experience of Chemotherapy

It is a mixed feeling of sadness and depression for anyone who is diagnosed with cancer. The feeling of taking the treatment in a chemotherapy day care and thinking about your future might be terrifying. But, it all depends on the patient’s will power and fighting spirit and if the patient is positive and hopeful all the time, the chances of him/her getting cured faster increases. One of the patients who shared her experience of cancer treatment told everything about her feeling as she was suffering from ovarian cancer but now is totally cancer free after taking all the treatments. According to her “The feeling of being scared and confused was very upsetting and the never ending sessions of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery added to the depression”.

She decided to be positive no matter what her future was and decided to chill and relax. She had ample time for music, movies and TV which she utilised wonderfully and never had the time to think about diseases as she was enjoying this time. She realised that she was stronger both mentally and physically than she actually thought and this helped her to defeat cancer and come out victorious.

There are many cases like this where people decided to stay positive from mind which helped them take on cancer with courage and helped them defeat it. Let the treatments do their work and meanwhile, you do yours. Stay positive, stay healthy.


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