Top 7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy Center Kenya

Chemotherapy is one of the best treatments to treat any type of cancer. Since it destroys the cancer cells in the body, it has some side effects as well. And that’s what makes people anxious. 

If your oncologist has suggested chemotherapy, some preparation from your side can make the process less stressful for you. Here is what you can do before visiting the cancer care center.

  • Prepare yourself for the treatment. Practice meditation and breathing for a positive attitude. 
  • Collect information about the cost of chemotherapy in Kenya.
  • Educate yourself about the procedure. 
  • Meet your doctor and ask a lot of questions. 

Now, it’s normal to get confused while talking to your doctor. To avoid any confusion that might lead to anxiety, make note of the below questions and ask them when you visit your doctor. 

  1. Is there an alternative treatment or is it the best one? Will you combine any other treatment with chemotherapy? How many sessions will it take to cure my disease? What medications or drugs will be given to me during the treatment. 
  2. Can I join any trial groups for my treatment? Why or why not?  
  3. What is the severity of my disease? What are the chances of my survival? What’s the success rate of treatment for people with similar types of cancer?  
  4. How much time will I spend at the chemotherapy day care center? How long will the treatment go? Can I work along with the treatment?  
  5. What are the side effects of the treatment? Which side effects can be prominent in my case? What medications can I take to ease the after-effects of the treatment? 
  6. How can I prepare myself and my family for the side effects? Is there any support group to support and guide us during the procedure? Can you provide information about the whole procedure? 
  7. Does NHIF cover chemotherapyexpenses? 

The doctors and team guide and support you throughout the process at the radiotherapy & cancer center, but educating yourself will make you more hopeful. 

Since it’s not safe to step out and have a talk with doctors, nephromed brings virtual consultation. Book your appointment as usual and get in a face to face discussion with your doctor. 

We have also enlisted the top chemotherapy daycare centres in Kenya so that you can choose the best one easily. 



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