Top 10 Tips for choosing IVF Center in Nairobi Kenya

Nothing feels more beautiful than holding your baby in your arms. Fertility issues make couples feel like they will never be able to experience parenthood, which is not true. The only thing getting in your way of pregnancy is choosing the best fertility clinic

Here are a few tips to pick the right one for your journey ahead. 

Check Websites

Websites offer a lot of information about the clinic, the cost, experience and facilities. Check the websites of all the IVF centers in Kenya and choose the right one. 

Choose The Best Specialist 

Don’t pick the most luxurious clinic, because it’s more about the specialist that is an embryologist and the fertility expert doctor. 

Analyse The Expense 

IVF cost in Kenya can vary from place to place and that’s why it is important to analyse the overall expense before starting treatment. It is not very hard to find an affordable option coupled with right treatment advice. 

Check The Success Rate

You are going for treatment and you expect to see positive results. Go with the one that has a better success rate. 


Location matters a lot because you might not want to travel a lot. If you can find the best fertility doctors in Kenya near your home, that would be a plus point. 

Ask Questions 

You are meeting the specialist for a treatment that will last for at least 2-3 month. Make sure to clear all your doubts. You can create a list of questions and ask them all whenever you see a doctor. 

Collect Information About Insurance 

Insurance can make the treatment process a lot easier for you. Make sure to get all the details about whether they offer insurance benefits or not. Also, if they do, get a rough estimate of all the expenses. It also depends on which insurance company you have signed with your medical insurance and if it covers fertility treatment. 

Other Facilities 

You need to be comfortable with everything from the doctor to the whole process. Check all the facilities that matters to you and proceed only if you feel confident and comfortable.

Eat Healthy and Right Food 

Before deciding to go for IVF start eating healthy and right food that will help you throughout the process before and after to improve your IVF success chances. Positive thinking and meditation helps towards positive results. 

The success of IVF in Kenya depends a lot on the clinic and the doctor. Research the best from your end and find the right one. 

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