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NHIF Enrollment & Approvals


Thank you very much for your time to read about us on this website. We wish to inform you certain facts about the NHIF approval process and our status.

NephroMed is an NHIF accredited facility with , facility code 80006223 for dialysis and daycare chemotherapy services. Currently We have 14 beds dialysis unit & a 6 Bed Chemotherapy unit.

NephroMed is equipped with latest dialysis machines, emergency room , and all other necessary service areas that a patient would need so that they get best services & revitalising dialysis & chemotherapy experience. We have a separate room with Chemo-mixing hood keeping in mind the patient & staff safety.

The NHIF Dialysis Package

As per the Universal Health cover & as a special Package NHIF pays Ksh 9500.00 per session / 2 sessions per week for all its valid beneficiaries, which means if the patient is paying their NHIF contribution as the primary member or dependent regularly they are entitled to get this benefit.

This also means that if the patient is required to do three (3) sessions per week, they shall be paying for the third session, out of pocket or through their other(private) insurance cover.

The package includes routine tests like UEC done once every month and blood sugar levels. Rest of the blood tests as may be prescribed by the physician’s will be paid for by the patient. The patient must bring all his doctors note, medical status, recent blood reports, NHIF card for self and dependent, National ID etc. for validation at the time of recruitment to the center.

Then our staff will do the rest for them to secure approvals. Once approved by NHIF – which usually takes 24-48 hours, the patient/ client will get a confirmation SMS on their mobile phones and they can proceed to do dialysis at NephroMed.

At times they may be required to do a procedure like catheter insertion or AV fistula – which is also catered to by NHIF up to an extent & the patient has to top up the balance.

Catheter insertion (Temporary)

40,000 Ksh

Catheter insertion (Permanent)

60,000 Ksh

AV fistula (For dialysis )

60,000 Ksh


For chemotherapy – NHIF will sponsor from 25,000 ksh to up to 150,000 ksh per session for 4-6 cycles based on the staging of cancer and the patient pays the rest.

This is subject to preauthorization and qualification as above. This package includes , hospital charge , drugs , blood tests , chemo-planning & doctors consultation. At our facility we are charging reasonable amounts :

Chemo Planning

Based on type of chemotherapy required.

Chemotherapy Consultation

With an oncologist

Chemotherapy Drugs

Reasonable costs

Minor Chemotherapy

Price default caption
  • Bed nursing
  • IV Fluids

Major Chemotherapy


Blood Tests

  • Heamogram
  • UEC
  • many more...


medications given before procedures

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