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Laparoscopic Sling Operation (Prolapse)

Laparoscopic Sling Operation (Prolapse) :

Performed for Infertility or pain in lower abdomen or Patient presents to us for something coming per vaginum along with urinary problem or problem in passing stool now.

When all other causes of infertility are ruled out prolapse correction can be offered as treatment for selective infertility case. Young patient presents to us with something coming out per vaginum with or without urinary complaint and she wants to preserve her child bearing function (preserve her uterus) and desires to treat prolapse. Here Polypropylene mesh is fixed from posterior side of cervix to sacral promontory Laproscopically through tunnel created medial to Rt. Uterosacral Ligament and under laparoscopic guidance. Results are very good. This surgery requires lot of experience & expertise. Results are most rewarding after operation.

These multiple pelvic defects are identified and Anterior or mid or Posterior compartment defects repair are done systemically to prevent reoccurrence. Vaginal vault can be fixed with mesh and then mesh with sacral promontory with tacker. This surgery requires lot of experience & expertise.

Just below Umblicus small needle is introduced and Co2 gas is insufflated inside abdomen. Rather than creating a large incision and opening up the body, tiny incisions are made and a laparoscope is inserted. This slim scope has a lighted end. It takes pictures – actually fiber optic images – and sends them to a monitor so the surgeon can see what is going on inside.

Many patients undergo laparoscopy as Day care procedure, returning home within 24 hours of surgery. For normal laparoscopy procedure takes about 15 to 35 minutes only. For more complicated case it may take 1-2 hour. Most begin feeling much better within one day.

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