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Kidney Care

Guide To Understand Your Kidney Health

6-Step Guide To Understand Your Kidney Health and Kidney Treatments

The estimated chronic kidney disease prevalence in Kenya is around 6.8%, which makes it a serious concern. The problem bigger than the disease itself is that it is not always detected on time. By the time a patient starts getting major symptoms, it’s already time to visit dialysis center. The only way to prevent things...
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Importance of Annual Health Checkup in Your Life

As they say “Healthy mind lives in a healthy body” so it is extremely important for you to keep your body healthy so that your mind remains healthy and cheerful as well. Things can never be right in your life if you are not feeling well from inside and are unhealthy. Even a normal pain...
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How can You Live a Healthy Life While on Dialysis During Coronavirus Pandemic!

The world is suffering from Coronavirus and there seems no end to this unless the vaccine for this deadly disease is made. Millions of people around the world as well as in Kenya lost so many lives already and till the vaccine is out, masks and sanitisers are the only way to protect ourselves from...
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