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In Vitro Fertilization

What is IVF ?

IVF or In Vitro (Greek Word means outside the body) Fertilization means when sperm and egg fertilize outside your body. This treatment is also known as tube baby treatment and is ideal for couples who can’t conceive naturally. NephroMed is one of the leading fertility clinics in Kenya which offers affordable IVF cost in Kenya.

What are the indications of IVF ?

In Females, following factors decide whether you need for IVF or not

  • Bi-lateral Tubal Block
  • Infertility for a prolonged time with 3 IUI failures
  • Pre-mature ovarian failures where the ovary is not functioning
  • Certain cases of PCO (Poly-Cystic Ovary) where IUI has failed to give results
  • Multiple abortions that are associated with a genetic disease

In Males, following factors indicate whether the patient should consider IVF or not.

  • Long Standing infertility with normal semen analysis
  • Less than 10 million count and less than 10% motility in semen analysis
  • 0% count in semen analysis

What is Right Age to Enter IVF?

In today’s world, for women, the AMH levels depict fertility power. This is more important than age. If the AMH levels are less than 2.0, then you should go for individualized IVF treatment to treat infertility issues.

However, in many times the AMH levels are interpreted in a wrong way and therefore, the clinical diagnosis with the 2nd-3rd day Transvaginal Sonogram should be co-related with the results. So, if the follicle count is less than 7 in both ovaries then IVF could be the best option for the treatment.

It can be summarized that in cases of age above 35 years or/and married life of 10 years with infertility should be considered for IVF.

What Do You Mean by Success Rate in IVF?

If a woman has fewer eggs (5-10) and even if the reports of her male partner are normal, the average success rate of IVF will become around 30-45% (if you go for freeze all transfer process). But if you go for phase cycle transfer, then the success rate will become 10-12%. So, if you are in between 30-35 years old and all other medical reports are normal, you should consider the freeze all transfer method to become pregnant. Because there are 45% chances of getting pregnant through this process.

Steps of IVF:

Step 1 : Consultation


      *  Doctors go through the detailed history of the patient

      *  Basic counseling and briefing about IVF

      *  Lab tour

      *  Consultation with IVF specialist


      *  Trans-Vaginal Sonography

      *  Protocol Selection – For making eggs

      *  Success rate consulting

At NephroMed Nairobi IVF centre, we explain everything in a transparent way including the take-home baby plan.

Step 2 : Cost evaluation

Financial consultation regarding the treatment and its cost.


Step 3 : Counselling + Explanation for injections.

Counselling + Explanation for injections.
Our expert fertility specialist team explains patients regarding how to take injections and at what time they need to take injections. If you have any query regarding injections, the telephone support is always available.

Step 4 : Follicular monitoring

Treatment starts on the 2nd/3rd day of the menstruation cycle.
Injections are given to the patients as per the prescriptions.

1st follow up: On the 7th day of the menstrual cycle, vaginal sonography will be prepared. This will assess the size of follicles in both the ovaries. There are 4 follicles on both sides and the size will be more than 13mm.

Another injection is inserted in the evening for taking control over the rupture.

10th day: 3rd follow up for the maturation size. If 4-4 follicles in both ovaries reach >18mm then triggering injection is given

Step 5 : Ovum pickup/egg collection

  • This process is done after 36 hrs. of triggering injection.
  • Prerequisite meal by mouth for at least>6 hrs.
  • OPU after 36 hrs. under short GA protocol.
  • It is an easy process and it takes maximum of 15minutes.
  • The patients are discharged on the same day. No food restriction after 2 hrs of the procedure.

Step 6 : Embryo formation

After the collection of eggs, the eggs are washed.
Sperm will be selected by IMSI & inserted by ICSI technique. Since we are a reputed Nairobi fertility clinic, we are pioneer in blastocyst culture (Day-5 transfer).

Step 7 : Embryo transfer

We will only transfer an embryo,

If age is <30 years

AMH is > 3

Egg collection is less than <20

The short protocol is < 1.5 on triggering day

If no previous failure

If embryo quantity is between 5 to 9

If endometrium is > 7mm

  • The technique is simple, and the procedure takes nearly 35 secs.
  • No anesthesia is required.
  • The patients are discharged on the same day.

Why Choose NephroMed for IVF Treatment?

  • NephroMed is one of the best Fertility IVF Treatment centres in Nairobi, Kenya with a high success rate.
  • We have NHIF Accredited faculty and qualified & experienced team who have in-depth knowledge and skills in fertility treatment.
  • We use the latest technique and instruments and provide the best fertility care to the patients.

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