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As they say “Healthy mind lives in a healthy body” so it is extremely important for you to keep your body healthy so that your mind remains healthy and cheerful as well. Things can never be right in your life if you are not feeling well from inside and are unhealthy. Even a normal pain in joints can be very troublesome and can keep you distracted completely from your daily routine life unless it is treated. If you are suffering from major diseases like cancer, life becomes tougher as most of the time you spend Life in the Hospital.

Full Body Checkup

Each one of us suffer from minor health issues such as cold, fever, joint pain, stomach pain, uncontrolled sugar levels, fluctuations in blood pressure etc throughout the year and are always advised by doctors to take laboratory tests so that they could know the root cause of the disease and treat them accordingly. Apart from these regular tests, we all must go through a full body checkup once a year and get tested even for diseases that have no symptoms in our body. Full Body Checkup includes scans to check for internal tumours and scars, blood tests for diabetes, kidney dysfunctions, LFT which is also called Liver Function Test, Blood Pressure checkup and many more.

Ater the age of 40, both men and women are at high risk of diseases. Even if you are healthy, women must get themselves tested for Breast cancer and men must get themselves checked for prostate cancer once a year as these two cancers are quite common in men and women after the age of 40. If you have a history of diseases like Diabetes, you must get yourself checked for any possible kidney diseases as diabetes damages kidneys. Similarly, people who are regular alcohol takers must get themselves checked for Liver diseases and LFT is the test which is done once a year to check the health of your liver.

Annual Health Checkup During Covid-19

As we all know that the whole world is suffering from Coronavirus pandemic and there seems no end to this unless the vaccine is developed. The active cases are reducing everyday but till there is even one case, we need to take as many precautions as possible. Since there is a possibility of catching a virus outside, always make sure to wear a mask and sanitise yourself from time to time if you go to hospital for your annual checkup. If possible, try to postpone it for a few months till this pandemic is over but if you really need to take the annual checkup, follow all the necessary COVID protocols and take precautions. People who are aged above 60 years and are either suffering from diabetes or kidney diseases must definitely postpone the checkup for now unless it is extremely necessary.

Why Choose Nephromed Medical Care

Why Choose Nephromed Medical Care

NEPHROMED is one of the best and professionally managed Dialysis and Daycare Chemotherapy Centers under qualified nephrologists and oncologists respectively. NephroMed is NHIF accredited and accepts all major Insurance companies. With SERVICE as our MOTO the staff and management is committed to providing affordable healthcare solutions to suit clients from all walks of life.


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