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How to Keep Your Spirits High on In-Center Dialysis

How to Keep Your Spirits High on In-Center Dialysis

Dialysis is a complex process but after a few treatments, the patient starts to feel good and energetic as your blood is cleaned and your anemia is treated. You start to feel positive and hopeful towards life as soon as your health condition improves. All the Dialysis Centers in Nairobi Kenya try their best to give you the best treatment possible and improve your health but it is extremely important to take care yourself apart from doctors doing their job. This will make your life easier on the in-center dialysis and your life will be back on track soon

Taking Care of Your Body While on In-Center Dialysis

When you are on in-center dialysis, it is very important to take care of your body so that your health condition improves in no time. Some of the things which you must keep in mind while you are on in-center dialysis are below.

  • Keep your doctor’s number handy so that you can speak to him whenever you need any help or feel unhealthy.
  • Make sure you take entire in-center hemodialysis so that all your impure blood is cleaned
  • Sit with your dietician and decide the best diet for your health condition and make changes from time to time depending on your condition
  • Always make sure that you do some sort of light exercise while on in-center dialysis for example walking, playing badminton or any other physical activity you like.

Taking Care of Your Mind While on In-Center Dialysis

Always remember that only if your mind is healthy, your body will be healthy too. Never neglect your mind and always keep it healthy, concentrated and sharp so that you can take all the decisions regarding your health in a cool and composed way. Fresh air can do wonders for your mind so always make sure to take a walk in the morning in the fresh air. Exercising or playing your favourite game as well can prove very healthy for your mind and also take a good diet that keeps you fresh all day.

Read about dialysis and kidney diseases online or in magazines so that you get more aware about the disease and help yourself to treat better. Listening to your favourite music or taking a walk with your partner or loved ones will surely boost up your mind and make you feel fresh and energetic.

How to Keep Your Spirits High

Keeping your spirits high and motivated is the best thing you can do on in-center dialysis. Reading books on positive mental attitude, listening to divine music etc will surely lift your spirits up and help you to compose yourself. Talking to old friends will cheer you up for sure. Always do something that makes you feel good. Don’t worry about your finances, work etc as your loved ones will take care of those things. In this phase, the only thing you need to do is to keep yourself relaxed and motivated.

Other Aspects That You Should Keep in Mind

Now you have learned the basic areas where you must focus while you are on in-center dialysis, there are some other areas as well which you can think of.

  • You can choose a part time job of your choice that keeps you busy and not over-packed at the same time
  • Go to orphanages or old-age homes to spend some time with the people and you will definitely feel good about your life.
  • If you are an animal lover, consider volunteering for stray dogs or animals who do not have anybody to take care. Spend time with them and keep your spirits high
  • Talk to other patients who are in dialysis like you and share your experience with them. You will have common things to talk about and those things will be beneficial for your health as well.

Why Nephromed?

  • NephroMed is an affordable dialysis center in Nairobi. It offers support services like laboratory tests, pharmacy, ultrasound etc. and are very affordable, even to the patients paying out of pocket.
  • NephroMed is a premier In-Centre Hemodialysis (Renal Units in Kenya).
  • Nephromed is an NHIF accredited center under national scheme and specialized managed schemes for civil servants in Kenya. We are also accredited for our patient clinics for civil servants such as National Police Services.

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