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How can You Live a Healthy Life While on Dialysis During Coronavirus Pandemic!

The world is suffering from Coronavirus and there seems no end to this unless the vaccine for this deadly disease is made. Millions of people around the world as well as in Kenya lost so many lives already and till the vaccine is out, masks and sanitisers are the only way to protect ourselves from Coronavirus. Although, this virus is dangerous to people of all age groups but the risk of death increases for the people who are aged, diabetic and suffer from Kidney diseases. If you visit a Dialysis Centre these days, you will find a substantial number of patients who are COVID Positive mainly due to lower immunity. If you are on dialysis, you need to be extremely careful and take all the possible precautions to save yourself from this deadly virus. In this article, we will discuss how can you live a healthy life during these tough times

Symptoms of Corona virus in a Dialysis Patient

If you are on dialysis and If you live in a locality where people have been found COVID positive, you are at high risk of corona virus and must get yourself checked even without symptoms as this disease is asymptomatic as well in some patients. Symptoms such as , mild fever, sore throat, difficulty in breathing etc. may occur in dialysis patients who must need medical attention without delays. If tested and detected early, Coronavirus can definitely be cured and you can continue with dialysis as recommended by your doctor.

Being a kidney patient and on dialysis makes you more vulnerable to Coronavirus as compared to healthy people therefore you must take a very good care of yourself and a lot of precautions if you see any symptoms of this viral disease

  • Isolate yourself as soon as you observe difficulty in breathing, sore throat or mild fever so that if it is Coronavirus, you should not contaminate others in your family
  • Always wear a mask at home and in public places if you have to go out for dialysis treatment.
  • Choose the most nearby Kidney Dialysis Center to minimize exposure.
  • Sanitise your hands from time to time until your lab test report comes Negative.
  • Eat healthy and take diets which boosts your immunity but do not forget that your kidneys are not functioning properly so follow diet that is suggested by your doctor

How to Stay Safe During Dialysis in Coronavirus Outbreak

As we have already discussed that taking precaution is the only thing you can do in this pandemic and being a dialysis patient, you must always be in touch with your doctor. There are many dialysis centres which take utmost care for the coronavirus patients and if you are taking Dialysis in Kenya, make sure that the centre is very close to your home so that you are exposed to the outside environment for a very less time and chances of you getting Coronavirus becomes negligible. Always wear a mask and a PPE kit while you go out for a dialysis and dispose both the things after coming back home

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