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How can Online Pharmacy Keep You Healthy During Lockdown

The COVID-19 breakout in March 2020 stunned the whole world and affected around 96 million people and killed 2 million people worldwide. Although lockdows have ended in most of the countries now but few countries like China and the UK have again imposed lockdowns in some parts as many new cases are being noticed every day. Lockdown is a period where the movement of people is totally restricted as social distancing has to be maintained and people can go out only if it is an emergency. For medicines, there are a lot of Online Pharmacy in Nairobi that are very useful.

Since there is a restriction of public movement, most things have to be ordered online or one has to risk their life if they go out to purchase things. Medicines are the most important requirements in our lives specially for those who have elderly or sick people at home and online pharmacy has done wonders for them in lockdown. We are giving you some tips as how can you stay at home safely during this tough time and still order medicine online easily

Varied Delivery Options

Online Medication offers a variety of delivery options to suit your needs and you can choose what suits you the best. Online pharmacy stores are giving deliveries at your doorstep on either discounted prices for free of cost and also if you opt for 3 months supply, they are giving it at discounted price. You can get discounts if you purchase monthly supplies as well if you or your family members have an existing condition and not when you need some medicine urgently.

All Your Medicines are Available at One Place

Many times it so happens that you cannot get all your medicines at one place and you have to wait till your pharmacist gets the delivery but in online pharmacy, you can easily get all your medicines from one place just by placing your order online.

Online Prescription

When you are ordering medicines online, you just have to upload the prescription once in their app or portal and they will keep it with them forever. Every time you want to order the same medicine, they will refer to your same prescription and you don’t have to worry about those complicated medicine names anymore.

Medicines are Available at Discounted Prices

If you have elderly people at home who require medicines all year round, be assured that you will get medicines online at much discounted prices as compared to the retail stores. This is because retail stores give discounts on their will but online stores give maximum discounts on the printed price and you are directly benefited from it.

Automatic Refills

Whenever you run out of medicines, in just one click, your medicine box will be refilled by the online pharmacy. Since they have your prescriptions with you already, you just have to inform them that you need a refill and within one to two hours, you will get your supply

Delivery at Your Doorstep

Elderly people at your house can get medicine through online pharmacy apps/sites at the doorstep without having to go out and waste their time, money, energy and specially fuel or transportation costs


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