How can Oncology Pharmacists Impact Cancer Care in 7 Ways
How can Oncology Pharmacists Impact Cancer Care in 7 Ways

Being an oncology pharmacist is an excellent job where you can contribute a lot to the patient’s health but if you have just started the job and wondering how beneficial your inputs could be or what exactly you can do for the patients, this article will definitely resolve many of your queries. No matter if you are in a chemotherapy day care centre or anywhere else in the hospital, your contribution can surely have a positive impact on the well being of patients. Below are the 7 ways how oncology pharmacists can impact cancer care kenya nairobi.

1. Chemotherapy and Supportive Care

You as an oncology pharmacist can work on dosage, management and long term health of patients going through chemotherapy. Researching the literature and providing the correct information to the oncologists involved in cancer treatment in kenya. You have the basic knowledge of the disease which helps you in assisting doctors during critical situations

2. Drug Recommendations

Oncology Pharmacists ensure that the drugs given to the cancer patients fully support their weak bodies. They can recommend drugs when the patient is not able to take any kind of food or liquid and totally dependent upon medicines for survival. Even the best oncologist in kenya would follow their instructions when it comes to drug recommendations

3. Education

Education in the field of oncology pharmacist does not necessarily mean how learned they are but how much education of the patients they have. The routine of the patients, their responsiveness and reactions to drugs, everything is studied by the pharmacist. Education related to drug literature is also done by them which helps them to recommend drugs from time to time

4. Active During Clinical Trials

Oncology Pharmacists are extremely active during clinical trials of the cancer patients. From preparation of trials to the maintenance of the ongoing trials, Oncology Pharmacists are always involved. They create drung orders for the pharmacy and review the orders if they are created by oncologists. Each and every step of the treatment and the workflow is carefully studied by the Pharmacists and valuable inputs are provided.

5. Drugs with Limited Distributions

There are many special drugs which are put into limited distribution by the pharmaceutical companies which is why patients are not able to get them when the drugs are required. This results either in the delayed treatment of the cancer patients which have serious consequences. Oncology Pharmacists proactively go through the prescriptions and arrange special medicines on time for the patients

6. Smooth Exchange of Information

Oncology Pharmacists make communication stronger and easier between the technical and the clinical team which ultimately benefits the suffering oncology patient. The expectations, limitations, requirements and resolutions are effectively communicated between the teams which leaves no gap in understanding and benefits patients ultimately. In other ways, Oncology Pharmacists act as an interpreter between clinical and technical teams to support effective communication.

7. Recommendations Based on Patient’s Overall Health and Symptoms

Oncology Pharmacists study various symptoms of patients and do recommendations accordingly. Interaction of drugs, tolerability of patients, body weight of patients, consequences of under or over-dosing are some of the most important things Pharmacists study and recommend treatment accordingly.


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