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Without good health, one cannot lead a good life. We live in an era when we simply cannot overlook our health. We have moved away from living a traditional life and live a stressful and ever evolving lifestyle. Especially after a person turns 40, it is important to get a full-body medical check-up done every year to timely address any arising health issue that may hamper our modern life. The health check up is like “a stitch in time, save nine”! 

Whatever may be the outcome of reports it ensures that we take all the necessary preventive measures to avoid any Permanent damage to our vital organs and body as a whole. It ensures that we make necessary changes in our way of living and leads a happier and healthy life. 

A full-body health check-up helps in early diagnosis and prevention of a number of ailments like diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease and liver dysfunction if any. 

At Nephromed specialty healthcare – We wish that every man and woman visiting our center is healthy and strong. That is why we have prepared a comprehensive full-body health check up that is affordable and less time consuming which fits your pocket and your busy schedule. Our commitment towards quality is the key to your wellbeing. 

Our services are a phone call away and within a few kilometers of our center in Upperhill , we provide services for home collection of blood samples. 

At NephroMed – specialty healthcare , the services available are pharmacy / laboratory / outpatient clinics / dialysis / chemotherapy & Fertility Centre.

Test included

Total blood count



Kidney Function Test

Fasting sugar


Vitamin B-12

Liver function test



Urine Analysis

G.P Consultantion

Lipid profile

Thyroid Function test

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Why Nephromed ?

Our prime aim is to provide holistic care to all our patients. There are several reasons that you should prefer us above all.

  • Our doctors and experts are specialized in nephrology, urology, diabetology, IVF treatments, oncology and are pioneers in their respective fields.
  • We encourage our doctors to take guidance and assistance from the world’s leading specialists in various areas of kidney care. Our doctors usually work as a team and design patient care programs to achieve the best patient outcomes.
  • All the specialists and healthcare staff are trained to follow NephroMed’s safety protocols and policies that have been recognized by MoH.
  • Since we want to provide a comprehensive treatment plan to kidney care, hence we have included dietary and psychology services in our patient care programs.
  • We have 19 dialysis machines, 4 expert doctors and 2 dialysis centres.
Dialysis Machines
Dialysis Machines
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NHIF Detail LogoBook an appointment with us for a check-up or come to our center for a comprehensive evaluation by our doctors,  our staff is ready and prompt to assist you in your medical care.

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