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For Doctors

Why choose NephroMed as a trusted partner?

1. Clinical Leadership

Unparalleled care begins with the right clinical leadership. We are the only healthcare organization in Kenya to offer patient outcomes tracking. Patients and doctors receive a monthly ‘report card’ which shows improvement / decline over time. We understand the need for a holistic look at dialysis patients – that means ensuring patients lead a better quality life on dialysis. All under the care of senior nephrologist & medical director.

2. Personalised Care Team

At NephroMed, our approach is to care for the patient as a whole and not just their kidney disease. Our clinical team (dialysis technicians and nurses trained by the best in the world) along with a broad range of specialists constantly innovate new and better ways to address not only your patients’ kidney care issues and their co-morbid conditions but also their physical, emotional and financial needs. Furthermore, patients receive diet and psychology counselling to live a better life.

3. Our value added services

NephroMed provides a high-tech center with top-of-the line equipment to provide your patients with dialysis in a comfortable, aesthetic environment where they can also opt for value added services such as – comfortable imported recliners, bedside entertainment with individual LCD screens and WI-FI, pick and drop facility.

4. World-class procedures and protocols

We at NephroMed follow NephroMed patient care policies and protocols laid down MoH Kenya and KRA guidelines which are constantly being developed and upgraded. Clinical education and training programs are carried on by expert clinical service specialists according to the standards of international expertise set by NephroMed.

In a career at NephroMed, you can be proud to offer the cutting-edge care that makes NephroMed an industry leader in clinical outcomes.

From real relationships with your patients.

Share your patient-care knowledge with teammates, patients and their families.

Work alongside great people with diverse backgrounds and skills.

Become a leader of your team in a fast-paced, often-changing field.

Enjoy NephroMed’s culture, which fosters teamwork, clinical excellence, social responsibility and fun.

For Doctors

NephroMed provides a world class training facility empower you to provide the opportunity to be innovative and utilize our skills, processes and integrated provider relationships to provide more efficient and coordinated health care.

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