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Chemotherapy is the best way to treat cancer as certain drugs do help in killing the cancer cells that are growing in a person’s body. In some cases, they help in stopping the growth of the cancer cells. Now, people can get cancer treatment in Kenya.

So many cancer treatment centers in Kenya provide chemotherapy. It would be best if you took the time to find the best one.

What Exactly is Chemotherapy

One can receive chemo in so many forms. Some people get shots or take pills, and some people can get chemo through an IV. Now, this process is called infusion.

A cancer doctor is called an Oncologist. He might give you one or a mix of several medicines. These drugs focus on helping your body get new cells. The drugs that they give depend on the following aspects:

• Type of cancer you are suffering from
• Already have cancer before
• Consider other bodily ailments such as liver, kidney, and heart diseases

Why Do You Need Chemo

Surgery is not always a successful way to remove cancer. Even after the surgery to remove the tumor, cancer cells might still grow and create new tumors. In some cases, they might spread across the body to different parts.

Only chemotherapy medicines can help in shrinking, destroying, as well as controlling these cells from growing. Now, the best part about chemotherapy drugs is that they can help in reducing the pain that comes because of having cancer.

Chemotherapy can also help in shrinking the tumor. Some oncologists do this before they do the surgery.

These are the main reasons why an oncologist might suggest chemotherapy.

How Does it Work

The drugs they give in chemotherapy works in a variety of ways. Here are some things that the chemotherapy medications do when you take them:

• They kill not only the cancer cells but also kill the healthy cells
• Destroys cancer cells only
• Restricts cancer cells from growing the blood vessels as it can significantly increase their size
• They attack specifically the genes that support cancer cells, thus killing the cells and stopping it from becoming a tumor

Types of Drugs

So many different types of drugs are available. An oncologist will decide the medicines depending on your medical history and your present condition.

• Some drugs focus on damaging the DNA of a cancer cell. They are known as alkylating agents.

• A few drugs interfere with the cell’s metabolism and prevent them from growing. These drugs are known as antimetabolites.

• Anthracycline chemo focuses on enzymes that are present in a cell’s DNA. They stop the cells from both dividing and growing. They are quite useful to combat many types of cancers.

• Mitotic inhibitors prevent cancer cells from making copies. They can also stop your body from producing proteins that cancer cells love.

• Some steroids act like hormones in your body. They are quite helpful in treating different types of cancer.

• Topoisomerase inhibitor is another drug that attacks enzymes in a cell. They stop these cells from both dividing and growing.


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