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Egg Freezing

EGG Freezing :

Fertility preservation: It is the demand of the future society. As some people choose their career & make it priority, they want to delay parenting & for that preservation of eggs & sperm is required. Even it is a need in some patient especially in cancer patients & even in auto immune disorder in patient.

We Freeze Eggs On Following Criteria:
  • Therapeutic freezing:
    1. Prior to chemotherapy & radio therapy in Breast cancer like all cancer treatments in female
    2. All autoimmune disease
  • Social freezing:
    1. Want to delay parenting because of career
    2. Marriage uncertainty at later age

Message: It is always better to freeze eggs at younger age <37 to 40, because increasing age will decrease genetic quality of eggs.

Why NEPHROMED: We are claiming the same fertilization as well as blastocyst ratio in freeze eggs in comparison to fresh eggs.

Step1: Counselling & Consultation Required

         a) Sonography on day 2
         b) AMH

After convincing to know that she is having more no. of the eggs in the ovary by above test she will go in details tests

  1. Hemogram

  2. TSH,

  3. HBAC, Vit D, Vit B12, Torch, HB electrophoresis for thalassemia, HBSAG, HIV

  4. Karyotyping

Step 2: Follicular monitoring

She has to come on day 2 of menstruation

Starting calculated dose by observation of transvaginal sonography.

Day 7 follow up

Day 10 follow up

During this follow up she has to take injection & sonography checkup in each visit & triggering injection on the size more than 18mm.

Step 3: Ovum pickup

After 36hours of triggering injection she has to admit in hospital. After that ovum pickup is performed under short GA protocol, then discharged after 1.5 hrs.

Step 4: Egg freezing

At NEPHROMED Egg freezing is unique. We are proud to say that the quantitative embryo formation ratio will be the same.


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