Clinical Leadership Team of Nephromed Medical Center

Clinical Leadership Team

Delivering Outcomes
& Satisfaction

  • NephroMed is at the forefront of driving outcomes in Kenya through a rigorous outcomes focused service delivery.
  • Physician-driven clinical outcomes that are the best or among the best in virtually every category – adequacy, fistula use, mortality and others.
  • Monthly patient scorecards: From improved patient outcomes month over month to individualized care

Physicians who choose to partner with NephroMed have direct access to some of the world’s leading clinical experts in various areas of kidney care.

Deepak Sharma (C.E.O) - NephroMed
Doctors on board with NephroMed

Our Panel of Specialists

We have a team of young Nephrologist with Nobel approach to treat dialysis patients. Their focus is on better outcomes following dialysis. The team frequently review clients and ensure all protocols are followed as per SOPs.

Medical Oncology
General Practitioner
Gynecology and Infertility
Nutrition consultant

We have team of doctors who are young and recognized as the specialist Nephrologist focused on best outcomes for kidney patients. There is a weekly review done by the team at various levels to ensure that patients have reductions in creatinine and urea levels after dialyzing at NephroMed. The end Goal to send patients for transplant which can be achieved at nephromed through available data management

We receive patient referrals through our visiting consultants from al major hospitals within 5 km radius of the facility.

  • Dr.Pauline Njiraini Njoki (Clinical Oncologist, trained in South Africa)
  • Dr.Helena Musau (Clinical Oncologist, trained in South Africa)
  • Prof.Alice Muthoni Musibi (Medical Oncologist at Kenyatta National Hospital, & Consultant at Nairobi Hospital)
  • Dr.Henry O.Abwao (Consultant Radiotherapist and Clinical Oncologist at The Nairobi Hospital)
  • Dr.Nderitu (Clinical oncologist and radiotherapist at KNH and the Nairobi Hospital)
Dr. Vipul Nagnesia

Dr. Vipul Nagnesia has graduated from the University of Nairobi – Medical College, Kenya.

He is a dedicated, patient-focused and challenge-driven Kenya Medical Practitioner & Dentist Council certified Medical Doctor with formidable experience of 5 years in a challenging healthcare environment especially in hospitals like Aga Khan and M.P.Shah.

He has worked in both outpatient & Inpatient with ICU departments. He possesses strong clinical expertise and acumen coupled utmost sense of responsibility to provide the highest standards of medical care. He provides his patients with personalized and attentive care with passion and Empathy.

Dr. Ruchik Sarvaiya

Education qualification: M.D. DGO

Having an experience of 7 years in the field of gynecology and infertility management. 

Have treated more than 1000 infertility patients through IUI and IVF.

Have done more than 1500 Caesarian  section, more than 3500 normal delivery- vacuum assisted and forceps.

Fellowship in Basic advanced ultrasound.

Post graduate diploma in IVF and reproductive medicine at UKSH Germany.

Fellowship in Reproductive medicine and IVF at WINGS IVF, INDIA for 1 year.

I, Kajal Patel, am a practicing nutritionist after completing an extensive course to qualify for a M.Sc. degree in Foods and Nutrition. Born in the teeming and vibrant city of Anand, Gujarat, I attended Sardar Patel University where I earned my Masters degree. Whilst in varsity I was also gaining practical experience by working in the busy C9 Total Fitness Gymnasium. An amazing meeting place for rubbing shoulders with all sorts of individuals, each with their own requirements. It
was an eye-opener, a truly amazing experience.

To be honest, if we go by the book,just a very rare few amongst us are living an ideally healthy lifestyle. To stay fit, the trick is to stay as close as possible to the food you enjoy varied slightly to be healthier. (Chicken Salad instead of Fried Chicken)As for my experience, when working at the gym, I strove to solve a variety of problems faced by a wide range of individuals. From Teens to the Aged with lifestyle diseases, to individuals from various professional fields.I was then working hand-in-hand with many an obstetrician, cardiologist and nephrologist all striving for the optimum wellness of their patients. I would then recommend appropriate diet plans as per their specific needs. Currently, I am also in constant communication with readers seeking my advice on their health and nutrition enigmas. My readers, as I am a contributor writing a regular article on a prestigious and popular paperzine over the past six years. All in all I have a work experience of over 12 years in the field of Foods and Nutrition. My main area of focus being Lifestyle Related Disorders. Based on my growing knowledge and experience I can tailor a specific daily diet to your taste buds and needs. You eat to your fill, but your craving for the wrong foods will vanish.

My personal lifestyle mantra is “Strive for Progress, not Perfection. Come, let me help you.

– The Clinical Aspects

NephroMed Differentiation

Our endeavor is to provide the highest quality of outcomes at the lowest possible
total cost of care

High quality clinical infrastructure.

Strict and proven clinical protocols

New set of tubing

High quality RO Plant

Reuse on automated machines

Strict infection control protocols

Exceptional quality of care for our patients

Highly trained and motivated staff

Streamlined processes & protocols

Continuous quality improvement process (CQI)

Tracking of outcomes

Monthly patient audit

Patient scorecard

Individualized patient improvement plans

Process driven therapy management

Therapy Management

Unparalleled Care

NephroMed has the necessary resources, support and processes in place to provide the highest quality of care in dialysis. This translates to healthier, happier patients and doctors alike.

Patient Comfort

Individual entertainment systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, personal entertainment system

State-of-the-art Facilities

State-of-the-art facility with the latest machines and highest specification RO Plants

Positive Patient Outcomes

Highly improved intradialytic tolerance (fewer cramps, Nausea and vomiting)

Exceptional Staff

Imported recliners – first and only in Kenya : to give patients the freedom to work, watch TV or be active during dialysis

Superior Outcomes

Less post-dialysis fatigue, Cramps and light headedness.

Clinical Commitments

Clinical Commitments

Beyond striving to achieve leading outcomes for our patients, NephroMed and our physician partners are continuously innovating new programs to raise the standard for kidney care, reduce healthcare costs and improve access to care for all patients—not just our own.

Protocol & Process driven therapy management

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with mty whole heart.

Diet/Psychology consideration

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with mty whole heart.


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