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Chemotherapy Day Care Center

A Modern Day Care Chemotherapy Centre

Nephromed is one of the leading cancer centres in Nairobi which provides day-care chemotherapy.

Our Services Include:

Oncology Consultation

Top oncologist on board

Clean and Hygienic conditions

Lesser waiting time for chemotherapy

Family Counseling On Oncology


Nutrition Guidance

Hormone Therapy

Palliative Care


No waiting time to start chemotherapy.
Clean and Hygenic conditions.
Oncologist on board.
Prompt availability of oncology medicines.
NHIF accredited facility.
Qualified nurses & courteous staff.
qualified nurses staff.
Complementary therapies like nutritional advice.
Management of side effects.

A patient can take chemotherapy outside the hospital. You can go to a day-care centre, or in an outpatient wing of a hospital where you don’t need to stay overnight. Where you get treatment, what type of chemotherapy you are having and how often you need it depends on certain things and they are:

The Type Of Cancer You Have.

How Advanced It Is

Whether You Had Chemo Before

Other Health Problems

(Like Diabetes Or Heart Disease)

It is true that chemotherapy isn’t always as overwhelming as one might expect. Some people can even work during treatment. Since you don’t know how you can feel until you start it. It’s best to have a flexible schedule. There are many ways that chemo might affect you, from fatigue and constipation to hair loss, nausea, and mood changes. But it’s not the same for everyone. Some people have fewer side effects or even none.

Why Choose NephroMed for Chemotherapy?

  • NephroMed provides holistic cancer treatment in Kenya.
  • The hospital has an NHIF Accredited Facility and is equipped with the top-most oncologists and other medical staff.
  • NephroMed conducts chemotherapy sessions under the supervision of expert doctors and nurses. Moreover, its cost of chemotherapy in Kenya is much lesser as compared to other hospitals in Kenya.
  • NephroMed is a reputed chemotherapy day-care centre which offers chemotherapy under clean and hygienic environment. These are some reasons why NephroMed is one of the eminent cancer treatment centres in Kenya

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