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Laparoscopic Burch’s For S.U.L. : Patient presents to us for distressing symptom – passing of urine on coughing or straining/laughing/weight lifting. Pre-operative assessment should be done to understand hyper mobility of mid-urethra & U-V junction and Detrusal instability should be excluded before operation. Just below Umblicus small needle is introduced and Co2 gas is insufflated...
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Endometriosis – Bilateral Chocolate Cyst : Performed for Infertility or pain in lower abdomen during menstrual period and painful sexual relations Dysmenorrohea, Dysparenunia & pelvic pain & Infertility are the presenting symptoms. Endometriosis is the commonest cause of Infertility during Laparoscopy. Pigmented & white fibrotic lesions are the two different varieties of lesions. Endometriosis is...
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