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Laparoscopic Sling Operation (Prolapse) : Performed for Infertility or pain in lower abdomen or Patient presents to us for something coming per vaginum along with urinary problem or problem in passing stool now. When all other causes of infertility are ruled out prolapse correction can be offered as treatment for selective infertility case. Young patient...
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Endometriosis – Rectovaginal Diseases : Performed for Infertility or severe pain in lower abdomen during menstrual period and painful sexual relations or pain during defecation during period. Dysmenorrohea, Dysparenunia & pelvic pain & Pain during defecation and Infertility are the presenting symptoms. Endometriosis is the commonest cause of Infertility during Laparoscopy. Pigmented & white fibrotic...
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Evaluation Of The Egg Donor All donors, both anonymous and known, should be screened according to the most recent guidelines recommended by the ASRM. Donors should have attained their state’s age of legal majority and preferably should be between the ages of 21 and 34. The rationale for the lower age limit is to ensure...
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Evaluation Of The Recipient Couple Evaluation of the recipient couple is similar to that of couples undergoing routine IVF. The physician should obtain a comprehensive medical history from both partners. In addition, the female assessment will include a comprehensive gynecologic history and complete physical exam. From a laboratory perspective, the female should have an assessment...
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Preparation Of The Donor For Egg Retrieval In order to retrieve multiple eggs from the donor’s ovaries, the donor must be given a combination of hormonal medications to stimulate the development of multiple eggs within the ovary. This technique is called ovulation induction. The medications may include a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRH-a) or gonadotropin-releasing hormone...
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