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Travel and Dialysis might seem hard to people who are undergoing the treatment. But, do you think it’s worth compromising on enjoying life, business, and job opportunities, and much more just because one of your organs has some issue?  The answer is a straight no and that’s why we answered several questions people have about...
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Just like a car sometimes our eyes can verge failing. A number of corroborating factors could be at play including neglect and/or ignorance. Notably, a large percentage of the human population will experience eye problems at some point in their lives. These are the tell-tale signs your eyes could be failing. Crossed/misaligned eyes Dark spot...
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21 Health Tests Every Woman Must Take in Her 40s
Being a woman is not easy as one spends most of the time thinking about her family, money, career and health of her loved ones. While she is busy taking care of others, she totally forgets about her own health which becomes a reason for most of the diseases. The age of 40+ is usually...
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The COVID-19 breakout in March 2020 stunned the whole world and affected around 96 million people and killed 2 million people worldwide. Although lockdows have ended in most of the countries now but few countries like China and the UK have again imposed lockdowns in some parts as many new cases are being noticed every...
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