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Travel and Dialysis might seem hard to people who are undergoing the treatment. But, do you think it’s worth compromising on enjoying life, business, and job opportunities, and much more just because one of your organs has some issue?  The answer is a straight no and that’s why we answered several questions people have about...
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Nothing feels more beautiful than holding your baby in your arms. Fertility issues make couples feel like they will never be able to experience parenthood, which is not true. The only thing getting in your way of pregnancy is choosing the best fertility clinic.  Here are a few tips to pick the right one for...
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Just like a car sometimes our eyes can verge failing. A number of corroborating factors could be at play including neglect and/or ignorance. Notably, a large percentage of the human population will experience eye problems at some point in their lives. These are the tell-tale signs your eyes could be failing. Crossed/misaligned eyes Dark spot...
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According to kidney specialists in Kenya, diabetes patients are more likely to develop kidney diseases. Not every diabetic patient will develop kidney issues. But, if you have diabetes, knowing everything about how it can affect your body is important. Here is all you need to know.  Diabetic Kidney Disease  People with diabetes have high blood...
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Guide To Understand Your Kidney Health
The estimated chronic kidney disease prevalence in Kenya is around 6.8%, which makes it a serious concern. The problem bigger than the disease itself is that it is not always detected on time. By the time a patient starts getting major symptoms, it’s already time to visit dialysis center. The only way to prevent things...
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