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We offer comprehensive Andrology services through our in-house Andrologists and andrology laboratory, including evaluation and treatment for male infertility, male sexual problems, and andropause.

Facilities include

Semen analysis

Sperm function tests – DNA fragmentation

Clinical evaluation and medical treatment for male infertility

Doppler ultrasound evaluation for varicocele

Treatment of anejaculation by vibrator or electro-ejaculator

Surgical sperm retrieval by PESA/TESA/TESE/microdissection TESE

Microsurgical varicocelectomy

Microsurgical Vaso-epididymal anastomosis (VEA)

Microsurgical vasectomy reversal

TUR for ejaculatory duct obstruction

Nocturnal penile tumescence (Rigiscan) test for potency

Penile ultrasound studies

Vacuum erection therapy

Penile prosthesis implantation

Surgery for penile curvature and Peyronie’s disease


Semen analysis is the most important test for assessing male fertility. The count, motility (activity) and morphology (structure) of the sperm in the semen give valuable information on whether a man has impaired fertility. However, the semen test is very subjective and needs to be done by a well-trained person. At Nephromed, all semenologists are specialized in semen analysis. It is a must to follow sexual abstinence for at least three days after which the semen sample should be provided. The sample is best collected by masturbation in the laboratory, but if there is difficulty in collecting the sample then alternative methods are available.

Sperm DNA fragmentation test

This is a dedicated sperm function test that assesses the quality of the genetic material in the sperm. In some men, the sperm count and motility seem adequate but the internal quality of the sperm may be deficient. This can be assessed by evaluating the sperm DNA. This test is prescribed in cases where there has been a failure of previous IVF cycles, recurrent abortions, unexplained infertility, or borderline semen parameters with uncertain quality.



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