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Cancer Treatment

How to Change Negative Thought Patterns When You Have Cancer_ Here is What You Should Do (4)

How to Change Negative Thought Patterns When You Have Cancer? Here is What You Should Do

Cancer is an illness that takes a toll on the physical and mental health of the patient. Anger, frustration, depression, fear… A patient goes through extreme emotional turmoil when the disease is diagnosed. Coming to know about a potentially fatal disease is a devastating moment for patients and their loved ones. In addition to that,...
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A Comprehensive Guide to Immunotherapy Treatment For Cancer

Do you know that one man in every five and one women in every six develop cancer? The number of people suffering from cancer is increasing every year. There was a hike of 18.1 million new cancer cases in the year 2018 in the world. Cancer treatment in Kenya or any other part of the...
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Preventive Oncology to Withstand the Risks of Getting Cancer

Across the globe, around 9.6 million people died because of cancer in the year 2018 alone. Now, that’s a lot if you sit down and contemplate. Cancer is a chronic disease that can destroy a person in all the ways possible. It is crucial for you to take good care of yourself if you do...
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