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Chemotherapy is the best way to combat cancer. Only specialized clinics with specialists that are experts in chemo provide the best cancer treatment in Kenya. Many people get scared when they hear the word,’Chemotherapy.’ You might want to talk with the oncologist to learn about the side effects and the drugs that you need to take.

There are so many cancer treatment centers in Kenya. You need to pick the best one from all the available options. Many people have so many questions that they do not ask the doctor. It is because the whole process of chemo puts them under a tremendous amount of pressure.

Here are some things that you should know if you are going to get your first chemo:

1. Eat Less and Stay Hydrated

You need less food before you get an infusion. It is wise to eat a fibre-rich diet. Chemo drugs that you are going to use are going to reduce peristalsis. Which means the bowel and digestion process is going to decrease significantly.

As a result, you might also suffer from constipation. Hydrate yourself by drinking so much liquid. The best part about high-fibre foods is that it can contain the moisture in your body. It would be best if you strictly avoid caffeine.

2. Learn About Drugs

When the doctor prescribes you any medicine after cancer treatment in Kenya, you need to take the time to understand it. Asking too many questions can help you to know about the drugs:

• What exactly is this medicine?
• Are there any side effects?
• How am I going to feel when I take this pill?
• How can I handle the consequences that come along with this medicine?
• Whom should I call if I face any problem?
• How is this medicine going to help in killing the cancer cells?

3. The Post-Chemo Medicines

If your doctors prescribe medicines that you need to intake after taking the chemo, you should request for clear instructions from the doctor. Let him tell you how to take the dosage. Most of the medicines that they prescribe target nausea and vomiting that come with the chemo. These medicines are quite effective when people take them before they fall sick.

4. Stay Hydrated Always

Chemotherapy drugs dry out the moisture on the tissue cells. The drug is going to work with every cell that is in your body. Now, this happens right from the time of infusion. You need to, therefore, take time to drink at least 8 ounces of water every single hour till the time you hit the bed.

If you have a heart or kidney failure, you should avoid drinking too much water. You need, therefore, take time to consult with the oncologist before intaking too many fluids. One thing that you need to avoid is caffeinated drinks.

5. Take Help of a Support Buddy

Taking a support buddy is the wisest thing to do. Some people go to their first chemo, all alone. While it is not a difficult thing, it might put an undue burden on you. If you take a support buddy, they will provide help and assistance to you as well as take notes when doctors give you information. 

Since you might be down emotionally, their support is going to help you feel strong. It is something that you cannot undermine. Your friend can lift your spirit.

6. Make a Note of the Side Effects

Side effects are something that most of the people who go through chemotherapy get. If they are bothering you too much, you need to make a note of the same and inform the doctor during the next visit. People tend to forget things. But, if you are maintaining a notebook, you can recall stuff with ease. 

7. Take Time to Rest

You need to take an ample amount of time to rest as you are going to be super tired after your first chemo. Your body needs time to recover. Take a hot water bath if you feel fuzzy brained after the first chemo. Do not ever forget that most of the side effects are temporary and will not last long. 

Approach the best cancer treatment centers in Kenya to get good treatment and to go to chemotherapy without any worry.



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