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7 Most Common Side Effects Of Chemotherapy And Ways To Manage With Them

Cancer is a dangerous disease. The cure for the disease is there but the treatment comes with many side effects.

Chemotherapy involves killing cancer cells to stop them from growing. In this process, some healthy cells are also destroyed and that causes side effects.

According to oncologists in Kenya, chemotherapy side effects vary from person to person. Some side effects are more common than others. The biggest concern is how to deal with these side effects. The side effects can make the person feel ill even after battling the deadly virus.

Here are the 7 most common side effects of chemotherapy and ways to deal with them.

Weak Immune System

Chemotherapy destroys healthy immune cells making the person more vulnerable to infections and diseases. The weak immune system will take longer to fight the infections.

Stay away from ill people and maintain good personal hygiene. Eat a healthy diet and seek medical help as soon as you feel ill.

Easy Wounding

Since chemotherapy also reduces RBC, WBC, And platelets count, the person becomes more vulnerable to bruising and bleeding.

The only way to deal with it is taking care of yourself. Don’t be harsh on your body. Brush and clean gently. Don’t do any harsh physical activity and wear gloves while handling sharp objects.

Vomiting And Nausea

Chemotherapy can affect the gastrointestinal tract or nervous system which can lead to nausea and vomiting. It can also be related to food habits as certain foods can make you feel dizzy or feel like vomiting.

Your doctor might prescribe some medicines. Take them regularly. Apart from that, notice what food worsens the situation and avoid eating that. Also, take smaller and frequent meals.

Constipation And Diarrhea

Chemotherapy can also damage cells that contribute to digestion and that’s why it can also cause constipation and diarrhea.

Drink a lot of water plus focus on fruits rich in water content. Also, have magnesium-rich foods in addition to over the counter medicines.

Contact your doctor and follow a diet chart that makes bowel movements easier.

Hair Loss

About 65% of all people undergoing chemotherapy experience hair loss. You might choose the best day care chemotherapy unit to prevent side effects, but no specific treatment helps with it. The hair follicles get damaged due to chemotherapy making the hairs to weaken and fall.

Proper hair care and eating nutritious food can make the hairs regrow easily. Hair loss can be reduced with care, but it cannot be stopped entirely.

Trouble Breathing

In some types of cancer, chemotherapy can also affect the person’s lungs. The treatment reduces the capacity of lungs which reduces oxygen supply in the body. The lack of oxygen causes breathing issues.

The only thing you can do is stay calm and sit in the fresh air. Breath deeply and elevate your upper body with pillows while sleeping.

If the issue gets worse, medication or breathing therapy can be used.


Headaches, body pain, chronic muscle pain, other aches are common after chemotherapy. The reason could be nerve damage due to chemotherapy or treatment stress.

The cure is to relax, rest, massage, and exercise. Whatever exercise routine you follow, make sure you discuss it with your doctor. Some exercises can worsen the situation.

The doctor can also suggest other treatments such as medications, chiropractic care, or physical therapy.

Other common chemotherapy side effects include mouth sores and rashes. Taking medications can help control the situation. Also, you can use lotions for rashes and mouth soreness can be treated by using a non-abrasive toothpaste or rinsing with a saltwater solution.

The Cost of Chemotherapy in Kenya is comparatively lower than in other developed countries. Moreover, the clinical standards are good and technology is advanced. The advancements are focussed on making the treatment less painful. So, if the side effects are making you stay away from treatment, don’t panic, you can manage them. It wouldn’t be worse than suffering.

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