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6 Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Cancer Care

Cancer is a disease which has become one of the leading causes of deaths not only in Kenya but all across the world. Cancer is a disease that grows silently yet rapidly in the human body and is usually asymptomatic until it reaches stage 3 or later. Cancer treatment in Kenya is excellent but only when detected in the early stages which happens rarely as the disease is usually asymptomatic in the early stages. Once detected, there are various medicines and therapies available that will surely make you feel better and lengthen your life.

If you are a cancer patient and going through the medication, you must always be hopeful and positive towards life. Also, by making a few changes in your daily routine, you can make this period, a positive one both in terms of health and state of mind

1. Practically and Emotionally Strong

Even the best cancer hospital in Kenya will fail to cure you if you surrender to the disease by yourself. You must always be hopeful towards life and be confident that you will come out victorious. Even various studies have shown that cancer patients who thought positive and acted positively, got better soon compared to ones who surrendered. Always be around people who have a positive mindset and who motivate you to fight against the disease.

2. Reduce Stress Level

Reduce stress level

While you are going through this tough time, it is very obvious that you will go through a lot of mental stress but that is the only thing that needs to be reduced. Apart from surrounding yourself with positive people, you must take out some time for meditation and yoga and that will actually help you relieve stress. Listening to your favourite music or reading your favourite book will also help a lot. Reduced stress level will definitely have a positive impact on your health

3. Sleep Enough

Sleep enough

Your cycle of sleep definitely determines your body and health condition and while you are going through medication, you must take enough sleep to give your mind and body a long break from physical and mental stress. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night is usually considered perfect for the body and you must be asleep at least for that long. A sound and relaxing sleep for the whole night will surely make you feel energetic and strong next morning.

4. Exercise Regularly

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly works miraculously for the body. Exercising regularly increases the flow of blood in body parts thus making them strong and healthy. If you are suffering from cancer, heavy exercise is not advised to you but you need to keep yourself moving most of the time for the proper blood flow in your body parts. Try to avoid sitting for longer intervals of time. Short swimming, yoga and strength exercise will work perfectly for you.

5. Eat Healthy

Eat healthy

Always remember that a healthy diet can cure any disease in the world and can also protect you from many diseases in future. You need to eat enough but that should be healthy as cancer medicine and therapies makes your immunity weak. Stop eating red meats like goat, lamb, pork and beef as they are extremely unhealthy. Bring in a lot more veggies in your diet like beans, carrots, lentils etc. Also eating seeds, whole grains and high fibre foods will surely strengthen your immune system and make you feel stronger.

6. Avoid Environmental Toxins
Avoid environmental toxins

Even the best oncologist in Nairobi Kenya will say that Smoking and having tobacco in any form is extremely harmful and is the cause of cancer all over the world. If you have been consuming tobacco, stop it immediately. Also, intake of chemicals like styrene, asbestos, formaldehyde etc must be avoided completely as they are extremely cancerous.


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