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Life is a beautiful gift given to all of us. We live only once and we need to make most of the time that we have here on this earth. It is startling to know that almost 2 million people in the world take dialysis treatment.

The problem with people taking treatment in the dialysis center in Kenya is that people think that they cannot do anything like they once did. It is not true. You can do somethings to improve your health and the health of the kidney. One of the things that many people who are undergoing dialysis treatment wish to know how to workout.

Here are some tips or insights that you can consider if you want to be healthy and fit. It is wise to consult with a Kidney Specialist in Nairobi Kenya before you take things forward. If you are finding it difficult to do some of the workouts that are in the list below, it is okay to stop it. Always consult with the doctor before taking things further.

1. Walking is the Best Exercise

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Walking is the best exercise as it helps in improving your mood. It is one exercise that most people of all ages can do without any problem. You do not need any special clothes or equipment when you go walking. When you are walking outside, you can breathe the fresh air. If you did not work out for a very long time.

You should start by going for short walks for 5 or 10 mins before increase the frequency and time you spend on walking. If you are facing any problem, you need to stop walking and take a break before you resume it. Increase the pace and time you spend on walking slowly. It is the only way you can keep yourself fit and healthy.

2. Swimming is Good

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Swimming is one of the best exercises as it will not put any additional burden on our legs. People who are suffering from joint pains can benefit a lot from this activity. It is a lot better than walking as walking might put pressure on the legs. It is wise to start slow when you are starting any exercise including swimming. You can plan to increase the intensity and duration of the workout later.

3. Practice Yoga if Possible

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Yoga is one form of workout that helps to keep your body fit and healthy apart from boosting the blood flow in most of the organs in the body. You need to learn some yoga asanas that can help in improving your mood, mental and emotional capabilities apart from helping improve your physical capabilities.

So many people did find solace by embracing yoga. You do not have to put in so much stress on your body when you pick this form of yoga.

4. Play Your Favorite Sports

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If you do not want to put your body into pressure, you should plan on playing your favourite sports with your friends or family. Since sports helps you to focus more on the result of the game, you will not put in any stress upon your body. Table tennis, badminton, and cricket are some of the most popular sports in the world. Sports can help you to become healthy and energetic.

5. Work on Strength Training

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People who are taking treatment in dialysis center should plan on working on improving their strength as many people lose it when they start to work out. You should plan to consult with a physiotherapist so that they can provide you with the necessary guidance.

You can build your strength when you do simple exercises to boost your strength.

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