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Chemo Drugs

If you have cancer, you need to consult and get the treatment from one of the best cancer centres in Nairobi. They will diagnose your condition and will put in chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy is one of the best ways to treat most types of cancer.

You might want to get treatment from the chemotherapy day care centre. But, some times, the chemo treatment that the doctors give to you might not work effectively. In this case, it might be necessary for you to change medicine.

Here are some reasons why an oncologist might make the change:

First Treatment is Not Effective

The main idea of the doctor putting you in chemotherapy is to either kill the cancer cells or prevent it from spreading through the body.

After giving the first chemo, doctors will check the condition of the tumor after a few days to see if it is receding and if there is no significant difference, they might consider changing the medication immediately. They will come up with a new treatment plan.

Reaction is Worse

So many side effects come because of chemotherapy— such as fatigue, hair loss, vomiting, and a lot more than one handle at times. Sometimes, even though it might be tough on you, if you are progressing because of the treatment, the doctor might not change the treatment plan.

Side effects of chemotherapy

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But, in some cases, the side effects might be worse. People may not cope up with the treatment. They might also be allergic to the drugs that they are taking. If this is what is happening, the doctor might want to change the medicine. But, in some cases, the doctor will prefer to give some space after the first session.

Cancer Becomes Worse

In some patients, even after they are taking the chemo drugs, the tumor does not stop. It might continue to grow or might start to spread. In this case, the only option that an oncologist has is to change the medication. Only then, they can stop the cancer cells from spreading across.

In the Plana plan

Sometimes, a doctor might be having a plan to change the chemo drug after some time. If he has a plan to do this at a later time, he might tell you in advance about this plan so that you prepare yourself both mentally and physically. Thus, it will not come as a surprise to you.

You Request the Change

If you are planning on holidays or other significant events in your life, you can request the doctor to change the plan sessions. But, the oncologist will consider your existing condition before they make any changes in the plan.

One thing to remember when you request this type of change is that the chemo drugs might not work that effectively. Never skip the medications without consulting with the doctor in the chemotherapy day care centre. He will know what is best for you.

In Conclusion

If you notice different side effects and you are worried, consult with the best cancer centres in Nairobi to get suggestions.


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