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5 Lifestyle Changes You Can Do to Stay Fit and Healthy and to Fight Combat Cancer

Cancer is a deadly and chronic disease. In the year 2017 alone, more than 30,000 people died because of cancer. And this number is going to increase every year. People who are suffering from this disease worry much. One can get the necessary treatment by reaching out to a chemotherapy day care centre. You can meet the oncologist who will give you the right medicine after properly diagnosing your situation. Most of the cancers can be treated. People can return back to normalcy.

People can be happy even when they have this disease. With some lifestyle changes, they can manage the disease better. Unfortunately, not many people know what they need to do to bring their life back on track. While consulting with the best oncologist in one of the best cancer treatment centers in Kenya to get some valuable insights and advice is one thing.

Here are some five lifestyle changes that will help you to look life on a positive note:

Take Support From Others

Many people hesitate to take help from others. But if there are people willing to provide you with support, you better take it. Especially emotional support. It is the most important thing that you require when you have cancer. Studies did show that people who have supportive people around them recover faster and live longer than those who do not have. Doing household chores might be a difficult task for you. If a friend or family member is willing to provide the support, take it without any hesitation.

Manage the Stress

The stress levels in your body are the ones that will impact your mental and physical health. You can use one of the following methods to control and manage it:

  • Plan to use relaxation methods such as meditation and yoga to contain or control your stress.
  • Take breaks in the day to ponder on the things that you are able to achieve in a day. Reflect on how the day went and things that made you happy.

Sleep Well at Nights

It is crucial for you to get at least six to eight hours of sleep if you want to improve your mood, health and if you desire to control your weight. Avoid staying late in the night. You need to set a time to sleep and stick to the schedule every single day. Do not change your sleep time during the weekends or holidays. To get sleep, you need to ensure that the bedroom is dark. Set the temperature that is convenient for you.

Avoid using phones or other electronic devices such as television, mobile phone or tablet before going to bed. The blue light that comes from this device will hamper your sleep. Sleep is one of the most crucial activities in the body and you do not want to do anything to spoil it.

Commit to Workout

It is essential for you to do workouts regularly to ensure that you stay fit and healthy. You can control your weight and increase your stamina. You should plan on developing a fitness routine and stick to you. If you cannot do high-intensity workouts, you should plan to do the walking as it will help you to stay fit.

Eat Good Food

Now, this is one more crucial aspect that will affect your body. You should plan on eating foods that are rich in fibers. Try to include as many veggies as possible in your meals. Eat probiotic and prebiotic foods as well. As much as possible avoid eating processed meats. Ensure that your diet consists of Omega 3 fatty acids and mono-unsaturated fats.

Find the best oncologist by visiting the best cancer treatment centers in Kenya. They might give you some suggestions with regards to the food. If you are visiting chemotherapy day care centre, check with the doctors there to get some valuable insights.


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