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4 Worthwhile Cancer Etiquettes You Can Follow to Connect Well With Cancer Patients

Cancer is a terminal disease. People who have cancer go through different phases, both emotionally and physically. Luckily, we are living in a time and age wherein we can get the necessary treatment to combat cancer at various cancer centres in Nairobi.

Family members and friends must be doing everything possible to create a positive environment. Now, this is the only way a person suffering from this condition can feel happy. Even when you are accompanying a cancer patient to chemotherapy day care centre, you need to be pretty careful when dealing with them.

Not many people know what they should say or do when their dear ones are suffering from cancer. They do not know how to connect with them emotionally. People can recover much faster when they see positive vibes everywhere.

Here are some etiquettes that one needs to follow when they are visiting or taking care of a cancer patient:

Cheer Them In Different Ways

It is not right to ignore people that are suffering from cancer. It would be best if you did everything necessary to cheer them up. Plan on taking some flowers with you when you are visiting them. When you visit them, have some general conversation instead of talking only about their health.

You can discuss the latest movies you did watch and the books that you did read. Also, plan on visiting them regularly so that their confidence can boost up. This way, they are never going to feel left out.

Be a Good Listener

One thing most people lack is listening skills. When someone is speaking, you must take some time to not only listen to them but also acknowledge the same if they are having trouble with something.

You might want to promise to help them with household chores, watch a TV show or take them out. People who have cancer might hold within themselves things such as fear, intimidation, joy, and many other feelings that they do not share. Become a conduit to them so that they can vent these things out.

Don’t Pass Judgment

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Now, this is the last thing that you want to do with people who are having cancer. Ensure that your words and actions are kind and gentle. Avoid asking unnecessary questions like asking them about the tumor markers, chemotherapy process, and other personal matters that might irk them.

If possible, ensure that they feel peaceful when you leave them. Avoid phrases and sentences that irritate people having cancer. Never say cancer is good at any cost. While your intention might be right, you will be sending wrong signals.

Share Encouraging Stories: Always share encouraging stories to people having cancer. Share stories of people who went to chemotherapy day care centre and came back strong. It will build the morale of the people.

If you check with the staff at cancer centres in Nairobi, you will hear so many recovery stories. Always share this with your dear ones so that they can feel secure and confident.

These are some etiquettes that are worth following when you are with a cancer patient.


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