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Chemotherapy is one of the most popular and best ways to treat cancer. Most of the cancer centres in Nairobi and other parts of Africa use this method to treat this disease. These drugs are quite powerful as they can quickly kill the cancer cells helping people who have cancer to recover fast.

Chemotherapy is quite expensive. But, it would be best if you never bothered about the cost of chemotherapy in Kenya or Nairobi when taking this treatment. Life is more important than the money you are going to spend.

These drugs will shrink the cancer cells if it does not succeed in killing them. They affect every single cell in your body. These drugs help in preventing the cancer cells from spreading to other organs in the body.

Forms of the Chemo Drugs

Chemotherapy drugs come in many forms. Here are some of them for your reference:

  •  Tablets, pills, or liquids that one can take orally
  • Shots that one can take under the skin or into the muscles
  •  Infusion of the medicine into the spine or any other organ
  • IV infusions that one take into their veins

If an oncologist prescribes you medicines that you can take orally, you need to follow the instructions that the doctor gives to you. The cost of chemotherapy in Kenya largely depends on the treatment method the doctor chooses. 

Family members need to make some lifestyle changes to ensure that these pills work. They need to ensure that people who have cancer are taking drugs regularly and on time.

If your doctor wants to infuse the drug into your system, you have to be present at their office or a nearby cancer hospital. Luckily, there are so many cancer centres in Nairobi.

A nurse may infuse the drug through the IV port while you relax on a hospital bed or a lounge chair. If you are working, you might want to schedule the treatments during the weekend. The Chemo sessions might take a few hours to a day or two.

Since you tend to get tired, you might want to do this after the office hours or the weekend. It is wise to speak with the HR department of your company to see if they can allow you to work part-time or work from home. Most of the Employers understand that this process is painful and might consider your plea.

An Oncologist might use one or all of the following devices to send the medicines inside your body:

  • Ports — It is a plastic or metal disc that a nurse might place under the skin connecting it to your veins.
  • Catheters — It is a thin and soft tube that they inject into the large blood vessels in your body. They might place it near the chest or spinal cord depending on cancer you have.
  • Pumps — Now, an Oncologist uses this device to control the drug that they send into your body.

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