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10 tips to survive Chemotherapy

If you are suffering from cancer, Chemo is the probably the most common and effective treatment doctors will give to you or anybody who is suffering from cancer. Chemotherapy is hard, tough, painful and leaves a huge impact on your mind and body but as long as you have the confidence in your doctors and determination to survive, there is nothing in this world that is not possible.

Since there are many things involved in the whole process, Quality of life is the most important thing you have to do. Below are the 10 tips that should surely help you if you are either undergoing Chemo or have completed it.

1. Always Keep Yourself Hydrated

It is extremely important to drink a lot of fluids, especially water during or after the process as water flushes the toxins out of your body and keeps the vital body parts healthy. If you are not able to consume water, drink fruit juices, coconut water etc but always remain hydrated

2. Eat Tender Food

Tender or soft food are always easy to digest and can be consumed when you are not wanting to eat anything. The therapy makes your body weak and it is extremely important for your body to get proper minerals and vitamins it actually requires.

3. Find a Medium to Express Yourself

If you ask the best Oncologist in Nairobi Kenya, he also would suggest that you must find a medium where you can express your feelings. For example, writing a blog on your computer or a column on a piece of paper will surely help relax your mind and vent out any frustrations you have

4. Be In a Comfortable Attire

Always remember that the more comfortable clothing you wear, the more comfortable and relaxing you will feel during and after chemo. In this tough situation, it does not matter how you look, but it is all about how your mind and body feels.

5. Document Your Proceedings

It is extremely important that while you are receiving chemotherapy from your doctors, you record and document everything from prescriptions to the list of drugs you are given. Also include the advices given by the doctors as these things will help you a lot in the future if you are going for a chemo again

6. Exercise Regularly

No matter how more or less you can do, just exercise regularly and keep yourself moving. This will improve blood circulation and pump out blood to all your vital body parts helping the body to flush out toxins from your body. Walking, yoga and meditation helps a lot in keeping your mind and body fit and healthy

7. Be Cheerful

It is very difficult to believe that somebody who is battling with cancer can be cheerful but yes, that is possible as everything is inside your mind. Try to have fun in every possible way and you will surely forget that you are a cancer patient. Your positive mindset will defeat cancer and you will definitely come out victorious

8. Take Medicines On Time

Remember, if you are from Kenya, you will receive world class treatment from the best cancer hospital in Nairobi Kenya and the medicines they prescribe will undoubtedly work positively for you. So, never skip medicines and always have them on time following instructions from the doctors.

9. Avoid Strong Smells And Fragrances

Since chemo reduces immunity to a great extent, strong smells and odors and even fragrances might make you feel nauseous and uncomfortable. If you are in a hospital, inform your doctors about it and if you are at home, choose a place that is free from such strong odors. Keep a check on the floor cleaners and room fresheners as well as they have strong odors too.

10. Be Nice to Yourself

It would be difficult for you to keep yourself calm and composed but always remember that you need to have a positive mindset and you will notice that things will automatically start falling into places. Tell yourself that you will come out of this. Don’t let frustrations grip your mind, just relax and you will defeat cancer one fine day


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