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10 Points to Consider While Taking Chemotherapy

If you have cancer, Chemotherapy is one of the most common as well as effective treatments which you might receive from the doctors. Chemotherapy is the most common cancer treatment in Kenya as it helps the patient to get better and gives relief in pain and other sufferings. It has a major impact on the patient both mentally and physically but due to its effectiveness, it is taken by most of the patients

Below are the 10 tips that should surely help you if you are either undergoing Chemo in a cancer day care center or elsewhere.

1. Drink as much water as you can

It is extremely important to drink a lot of water and other fluids during or after the process as water flushes out the toxins out from your body and keeps the vital body parts healthy.

2. Eat softer food

Soft foods are always easy to digest and chew and can be consumed when you are not wanting to eat anything. Chemotherapy makes your body weak so your body must get proper minerals and vitamins to survive the whole session

3. Find a medium to relax your mind

If you are in a chemotherapy day care centre you might get bored and depressed so it is always suggested that you must find a medium where you can express your feelings. Writing a blog on your computer or a column on a piece of paper will surely help relax your mind.

4. Wear comfortable clothes

Always wear comfortable clothes during or after the session so that you can relax comfortably for a few hours. Comfortable clothes not only helps you relax but also helps you in moving from one place to another like going to washrooms etc.

5. Record your treatment steps

While you are receiving chemotherapy from your doctors, record and document everything from prescriptions to the list of drugs you are given.It will help you a lot in the future if you are going for a chemo again

6. Exercise as much as your body permits

Try to exercise regularly as much as possible while you are in chemo. Walking, yoga and meditation helps a lot in keeping your mind and body fit and healthy so practice these exercises

7. Be happy

Try to have fun in every possible way and stay happy no matter what and you will surely forget that you are a cancer patient. Your positive mindset will defeat cancer and you will definitely come out victorious

8. Never forget to take medicines

If you are in a chemotherapy day care center Kenya, you will be given medicines on time but at home, it is your responsibility to take medicines on time so you do not miss it at all.

9. Avoid strong smells

Strong smells and odors and even fragrances might make you feel nauseous and uncomfortable so choose a place that is free from such strong odors. Keep a check on the floor cleaners and room fresheners as well as they have strong odors too.

10. Keep yourself calm and composed

Always remember that you need to have a positive mindset and you will notice that things will automatically start falling into places and you will feel better. Tell yourself that you will come out of this. Don’t let frustrations grip your mind, just relax and you will defeat cancer one fine day


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