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Dialysis & Kidney Care

Dialysis is needed when your kidneys can’t function properly and no longer take care of your body’s need. We, at NephroMed, are equipped with all the latest resources and equipment and thus, we provide dialysis in a comfortable and private environment, with medical recliners, IPTV and LCD screens, and more. As one of the reputed dialysis centers in Kenya, we have a team of talented experts who provide the best quality treatment in dialysis. We always maintain a healthy relationship with patients.

Chemotherapy Centre

Nephromed is a reputed Chemotherapy daycare center located in Upperhill, Nairobi. As an NHIF accredited facility, we offer services like oncology consultation & chemotherapy. We have a qualified and skillful oncologist on board who have in-depth knowledge of oncology medicines & chemotherapy sessions. As an established cancer treatment centers in Kenya, our cost of chemotherapy in Kenya is quite affordable. We conduct chemotherapy sessions in clean & hygienic conditions with the presence of qualified nurses & courteous staff.

IVF & Infertility Treatments

NephroMed is a specialized state-of-the-art clinic in Kenya for infertility treatments, IVF, Fetal Medicine, Gynaecology and wellness. As a prominent Nairobi IVF centre, we provide the best quality and comprehensive fertility treatment at a reasonable cost. We adopt holistic approaches to take care of women so that they can conceive their own babies. After analyzing your conditions thoroughly, our fertility experts offer the best solutions for your problem.

Welcome to NephroMed

“Serves the community with dedication, commitment, and passion”

We are an eminent Kenya-based healthcare company which was established in June 2017. As the name suggests, we offer a comprehensive solution for Kidney disease beyond dialysis.

As a leader of kidney care at NephroMed Kenya, we continuously strive to enhance the treatment experience of all our patients. We follow the best infection control protocols to avoid any interaction in our patients.

NephroMed started its first dialysis center with 19 machines in Upperhill, Nairobi (adjacent to the National referral hospital – Kenyatta National Hospital). The center is run by a team of well-trained and professional nurses and senior Nephrologists who have a plethora of experiences in this field. While doing dialysis, we ensure that all the national guidelines are followed thoroughly. We offer Dialysis & Kidney care at home-like conditions and atmosphere without compromising the quality. That’s why we are known as one of the leading dialysis centers in Kenya.

NEPHROMED LIMITED is a private limited liability start-up company in Kenya with equal shareholding by its directors. All the directors of the company have exceptional knowledge in healthcare management & business. The company has made an achievement by starting state of art dialysis centers across Kenya with the first center in Nairobi (equipped with 19 machines). The company has made an investment of 500 K USD for the first unit.

Excellent Care

NephroMed embraces all its patients with the highest quality of care in dialysis, IVF and chemotherapy treatments.

Superior Quality R.O Plant

NephroMed is a state-of-the-art facility centre which is equipped with the latest machines and highest specification R.O Plants.

Comfort Dialysis

The patients are provided with comfortable recliner beds and they are free to do their work and can watch TV during dialysis.

Individualized Care

We at NephroMed offers tailor-made or customized treatment plan right from diagnosis.

Pick & Drop Facility

We at NephroMed offers transfer services to the patients if they need it during the treatment.

High Quality Equipment

We have recently installed highly improved machines that can improve intradialytic tolerance (fewer cramps, Nausea, and vomiting)

Improved Outcomes

This is the only organization in Kenya. which offer outcomes tracking through reporting over time.

Nutritional Balance

NephroMed provides high-quality and healthy nutritionally balanced meals to all the patients during the treatment.

Clinical Excellence
Our Patient Outcomes

Clinical Excellence

NephroMed is one of the leading centres for Kidney Care, IVF Treatments and Cancer centres in Nairobi, Kenya. Our experts are dedicated to work and develop patient care programs to achieve the best patient outcomes. We maintain monthly patient scorecards that are available to all doctors in the patient care team. This will help them to assess and evaluate the progress of individual patients.

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We provide a holistic and comprehensive treatment plan for kidney care. That’s why our dialysis technicians and nurses are given international training and we have psychologists and dieticians on our team. We at NephroMed Kenya follows all the patient care policies and protocols laid down on MoH Kenya and KRA guidelines.

Why Nephromed ?

Our prime aim is to provide holistic care to all our patients. There are several reasons that you should prefer us above all.

  • Our doctors and experts are specialized in nephrology, urology, diabetology, IVF treatments, oncology and are pioneers in their respective fields.
  • We encourage our doctors to take guidance and assistance from the world’s leading specialists in various areas of kidney care. Our doctors usually work as a team and design patient care programs to achieve the best patient outcomes.
  • All the specialists and healthcare staff are trained to follow NephroMed’s safety protocols and policies that have been recognized by MoH.
  • Since we want to provide a comprehensive treatment plan to kidney care, hence we have included dietary and psychology services in our patient care programs.
  • We have 19 dialysis machines, 4 expert doctors and 2 dialysis centres.
Dialysis Machines
Dialysis Machines
Realiable Dialysis Services... Nephromed Collaborates with Wings Hospital India Top Doctors at Nephromed Care...

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